It's not just taking a photo;
it's creating stories that generate emotions and actions.

Mario Galindo Photographer

...When the forms talks

Mario G Vacha

The story behind a photo

Most of the times you want to shoot specific subject, so  you can realize that the perfect day, time and light is not enough to get  as you want. In order to achieve these fotos I have been more than 6 times to through 4 years….

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Mario Galindo Top Professional Photographer in Kansas City


Mario is a Kansas based Architectural and Interiors photographer, as well as Luxury Real Estate Photography.

Born in Bogota Colombia, Mario studied Communicational Sciences at  La Sabana University. He worked  several years as  Corporate Executive in a Multinational Company across Colombia, Central America, Mexico and United Estates.

His photography passion start more than 25 years ago when  35 mm film camera was a standard.

To obtain the wow effect, Mario combines different equipment and techniques merging natural and artificial light inspired by clear and luminosity lines of modern architecture. His work always have three basic rules: PASSION, FOCUS & LIGHT!


See how the architecture get in to our daily life

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